Coronavirus Infection Measures



New Hokkaido Style” Peace of Mind

We are business operators to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection,

"Seven Habits" Work on!

1.スタッフのマスク着用や小まめな手洗い に取り組みます。

・Working on staff wearing masks and diligent hand washing to watch.


We will thoroughly manage the health of our staff.


Provide regular ventilation in the facility.

4.設備、器具などの定期的な消毒・洗浄を 行います。

We regularly disinfect and clean equipment and instruments.

5.人と人との接触機会を減らすことに取り 組みます。

・We will work to reduce the chances of contact between people.

6.お客様にも咳エチケットや手洗いを呼び かけます。

・We ask our customers to cough etiquette and wash their hands.

7.施設内掲示やホームページなどを活用 し、当社の取組をお客様に積極的にお知 らせします。

・Utilizing bulletin boards and websites, We will proactively inform our customers of our efforts.